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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dailygadellaa: The Making Of...

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"A picture says more than a thousand words" so I'll keep this short (and still have a post worth of more than 4000 words :)). For anyone wondering what my workflow is for creating a #dailygadellaa comic: here we go!

Although I know how to work with a wacom I prefer to use pen and paper so we start out with exactly that.

In most cases I do one quick sketch of what I want to draw to get a good idea of the face expression I want and optional objects I need and where to place them. In this case I did a quick Google Image Search to find an example of a Star Wars Episode VII stormtrooper helmet. When I have a good idea of that the image should look like I do the final version. I almost never do a pencil sketch and just draw the image using a black pen. If something goes wrong I start over.

Then I take a picture using my phone. Fun fact: I've been using phones that are known for their 'terrible' cameras since I started the comic (Nexus 4, Moto G 2013, Moto X 2013). Especially the Motorola cameras use a lot of post-processing to get the image up to an acceptable level and that actually works pretty well for this use case.

Next up: some quick image processing using the (Motorola) Gallery app:

  • Punch
  • Border (with smallest thickness)
  • Exposure (+50)
  • Black and white (+50)
  • Save
  • Share

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