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Thursday, December 31, 2015

[List] Best android tablet apps of now

Yesterday I posted a list of my favorite apps that I use on my phone. In that list I excluded Google apps and apps I solely use on my tablets.

In this post I'll be focusing on tablet apps. Most of those are centered around media consumption so in this post I'll use a slightly different approach compared to the others and list them per category.

Comic readers

One of the things I use my tablets for is reading comics but since I my collection is spread over various sources I use a bunch of apps for that.

If you own a large digital comic collection because you started collecting comics in the days before they were available digitally (and you digitized them yourself or.. uhmm.. found some other questionable(?) source) then ComicRack is the app to use for reading them. I've tested quite a lot of comic readers before settling on this one. It has a ton of options and can even sync your progress with the desktop app (if you have that installed). If you buy the pro version it does that over wifi, too.

Both Marvel and DC have their own comic reader app but if you look closely at who developed it you'll find that, in both cases, Comixology is the company behind the apps. So why bother with two separate apps when there is one that offers the same functionality and lets you buy comics from both publishers?  Besides giving access to pretty much the entire catalogue of the two biggest comic publishers and others (the only one I find missing is Dark Horse?), Comics is a pretty feature complete comic reader app.

I wasn't planning on having Google apps in this list but for this post I'm making an exception. Why? Because it's just to darn nice to be able to buy content from the same source as you do for apps. Play Books got a nice update recently to make it easier to discover and read comics so if it's possible to buy a specific comic on the Google Play Store I do. It's not as feature complete as Comixology's app but instead of giving you a lot of option this app just does what it needs to and that's it. And sometimes 'simply works' is preferable to a lot of options.

Movies and series

There are currently two basic models for consuming payed video content: The one where you buy or rent something and the subscription model where you pay a monthly fee and can consume all the content you want. Google's Play Movies & TV service is of the former catefory. One of the reasons it's so good is because Google has a lot of experience with streaming videos thanks to Youtube. Besides working on a multitude of platforms besides Android if you have an internet connection (Chromecast, the web) you can also download movies on your Android device so you can watch them offline.

The idea is simple: you pay a monthly subscription fee (somewhere between 8 and 10 euros/dollars) and for that you get a access to a pretty large collection of movies and especially series that you can watch. One thing to keep in mind: their catalogue depends on which region you live in. The US and UK regions tend to offer more content but that's just my personal experience. Netflix is available on even more platforms than Google Play Movies (web, iOS, smart-tv's, chromecast, etc) so it's worth checking it out even if you don't plan to use your tablet for video consuming.

I've talked about this app before so go check out that post. I'll just say this: it's awesome :D

It's Youtube. Nuff' said.


I don't often play games, but when I do, these are my top picks. Note: I'm not into casual gaming but you'll probably notice that if you look at the list below :)

Actually, you should check out the entire Broken Sword series - if you're into point-and-click adventures, that is. Even if you're not it's well worth a try as the Broken Sword series is one of the best in its genre.

Awesome take on the Hitman franchise. Its turn-based board game mechanics are completely different from the non-mobile games but somehow do make complete sense and the game utilizes sound design to really bring you into the Hitman universe.

Just like Hitman Go but with a subtle difference in gameplay and puzzles that align nicely with the Tomb Raider franchise.

This game has been available on iOS for ages but was released on Android sometime last year. The controls are a bit less intuitive than its PC/console counterpart but the pace of the game allows for this. It's not a cheap game but you get somewhere between 20 and 50 hours worth of gameplay and one of Bioware's best stories ever in return.

Did I miss something?

This is it. I've listed pretty much every app I think that other people should have a look at. Sure, I use (a lot) more than just these apps but I'm quite confident that these are the best of them.

Except when it comes to Google apps. And I haven't talked about any of the apps I don't use on my phone but I think are crucial for tablets. I'll talk about those in my next(ish) post(s).

Anyway. Did I miss something? Do you disagree on one or more of my choices? Let me know!


  1. Oh wow I totally forgot about the Books category. Ehm. I use Google Play Books for that. You can buy books and upload your own. What more do you need?

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